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Please Note all Coffees May Contain Traces of Nuts

Guatemalan - Medium Roast

This Fair Trade, Organic bean is sourced from the mountains of Guatemala.  It is a roasted medium to enhance the subtle chocolate and nutty undertones.  Makes the perfect cup for a lazy Saturday morning.

Costa Rican - Light Roast

This mild, easy-to-drink coffee has undertones of toffee and maybe a bit of sweet apple.

Ethiopia Sidama- Dark Roast

From the birthplace of coffee where the goats taught us caffeine was oh so good, this dark roast maintains bright citrus notes.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Light Roast

Lightly roasted to bring out the subtle hints of guava and toasted coconut amidst complex floral notes. 


Peruvian - Medium Roast

A medium roast with rich malt and apricot undertones.  Our cup of choice for a mid-day pick me up.


Sumatran - Dark Roast

Fair Trade and Organic.  Our most popular single-origin coffee.  Liked for its rich, sweet earthy tones typical of Indonesian coffees.


Monsooned Malabar - Medium / Dark Roast


Kenyan - Dark Roast


Columbian Mujeres de Santarder - Dark Roast








A blend of South American, African and Indonesian Coffees.

An awesome blend for your Latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, flat white, dry triple shot…  (also works well as a breakfast blend without the espresso machine)



Swiss Water Method and ethically sourced organic Blend.

For your late-night cup ‘o jo.  From Peru.  Organic, Fair Trade, Swiss Water Process.


Decaf Espresso

Swiss Water Method and ethically sourced organic Blend.





All Flavoured Coffee is Roasted Using Colombia Mujeres de Santdaer Women's Coffee cooperative beans and natural flavours. Vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar-free! Also note that may contain traces of nut products.

*Limited Seasonal Availability Contact Us for Availability


Crème Brûlée*

Subtle hints of caramel and burnt sugar make for a perfect afternoon treat.


Chocolate Orange*

A tradition, full of flavour with subtle hints of orange and undertones of dark chocolate.



Like a cookie crumbled in your cup. Sweet and spicy all at once.


Peppermint Mocha*

a holiday favourite. Candy cane and coffee: a perfect combination to make you feel snug and warm inside.


Pumpkin Spice* 

An iconic taste, with a spicy finish.


Banana Cream Pie

Thanks to our pal Fiona, a true banana aficionado, we have this wonderful banana blend.  Surprisingly popular.


Canadian Maple

A maple donut and a cup of coffee – that’s how we do it in Canada, eh!

Now you can enjoy the Canadian coffee shop experience from home, without the dough.


Chocolate Caramel

It’s like digging through your kids’ trick-or-treat bag every morning.  A guilty pleasure.


Chocolate Fudge Nut

Think chocolatey hazelnut spread.  The toast is optional.

All our flavoured coffees may contain nuts.  Especially this one.


Chocolate Raspberry

Yes, coffee, chocolate, AND raspberry.  A trio of deliciousness for your morning brew.  A Sloomb exclusive!


Irish Cream

It’s 8am.  The kids are screaming.  Man, you wish you had an Irish coffee.  Oh, wait… you do!


Southern Pecan:

A cup o’ Jo with a slice of pecan pie… in the cup…  Why not?

All our flavoured coffees may contain nuts.  Especially this one.


Vanilla Hazelnut

A Rideau Roastery classic. You’ll go hazelnuts for it.

All our flavoured coffees may contain nuts.  Especially this one.


White Chocolate Almond
First, you take a white Almond, then add chocolate, then… no wait… You take a chocolate almond and dip it in white… no… uh, Malina says it kinda tastes like cream soda.  But in a white chocolate almond coffee sort of way.

All our flavoured coffees may contain nuts.  Especially this one.


Peaches & Cream Cold Brew
Like biting into peach cobbler with a dollop of ice cream on top. A perfectly refreshing, limited edition, cold brew. (It's delicious warm too!)